Red Street is a Christian band located in Austin, TX.  Founded by LW (Love Warrior) for the purpose of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and bringing hope to a broken world.  LW is a singer/songwriter who plays the piano and guitar.

Musically, Red Street is a mix of blues, pop, classic rock, soul, jazz and hip-hop.  LW’s earliest guitar influences were the blues greats such as Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy, Albert King, Freddie King, Eric Clapton, Rev. Gary Davis, Jimmy Page and the Vaughan brothers (Jimmy & Stevie Ray).  In addition, his vocal style was also heavily influenced from pop, blues and soul artists such as Wilson Picket, John Lennon, Paul McArtney, Otis Redding, Bob Marley, Scott Weiland, Paul Rodgers, Eddie Vedder, Joe Cocker, Muddy Waters, Lenny Kravitz and more than he can remember.  But to be fair, he would have to credit any and all artists he has ever heard.  Probably his most influential artist, however, is an obscure old bluesman named Mississippi John Hurt.  Hurt recorded many gospel songs and it was those tunes that opened LW’s eyes to the Gospel more than anything.  Hurt’s warm Spirit can soothe the saddest of souls and give them rest.  His simplicity is amazing and it brings a level of intimacy unlike any other.  It’s as if Jesus is singing to a person through John Hurt’s music.  So, from LW’s experience, he knows first hand how music can be a tool for reaching the lost and healing people’s wounds – or just making them laugh.  Music is capable of expressing all the range of human emotions.  You can hear Hurt’s influence in LW’s song “It Takes Love” which, in a way, pays homage to Mississippi John Hurt and all the great blues-gospel troubadour’s in antiquity.

LW – The Love Warrior